College of Education hosting seminar series for math and science educators

Closeup of Andy Cavagnetto.
Andy Cavagnetto

Aiming to foster analytical thinking and problem-solving skills throughout math and sciences in K–12, WSU’s College of Education is organizing a seminar series on math and science education for its future educators and university employees at large.

Associate Professor Andy Cavagnetto stressed the importance of these presentations, providing students with insights into recent developments in research that influence K–12 schools and university classrooms.

“These discussions allow our students to see recent developments in science and mathematics education research,” he said. “It demonstrates a variety of research methods, giving our students a more diverse toolkit as they think about their own work.”

Cavagnetto hopes those at the university — especially his students — recognize researcher creativity in addressing questions embedded in human social activity.

“I want people to feel the significance of discussing the merits of various decisions related to research — that is, collaborative dialogue that is both constructive and critical can lead to a more refined understanding of and ability to make research-related decisions,” he said.

Cavagnettos said the series aims to provide students with valuable insights and a diverse toolkit for their academic endeavors, contributing to a deeper understanding of math and science education.

The seminar series began on Jan. 24 with Richard Lamb from the University of Georgia, focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning in education.

Upcoming events include:

  • Feb. 7: David Slavit & Amy Roth-McDuffie, WSU MathSci Education — “Collaborative Grant Work and the Role of Content and Equity in Teacher Preparation Selection”
  • March 6: Gamze Karaer, visiting faculty, WSU Educational Psychology
  • March 27: Josh Premo, Exploring Immersion in Science: Collaboration, Career, and Consolidation
  • April 3: Anne Wilhelm, WSU Department of Mathematics

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