College of Education appoints Eric Johnson as associate dean

Closeup of Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson

A Washington State University Tri-Cities faculty member has been named as the College of Education’s associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Eric Johnson, an English language learners professor, will begin his two-year term on Aug. 16 and will focus heavily on faculty and staff professional development aimed at fostering an inclusive and equitable educational environment within the college.

College Dean Mike Trevisan said Johnson is well qualified for this new position.

“In addition to his own scholarship, teaching, and service work that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Eric has passion for the work and a good deal of energy,” Trevisan said. “In addition, Eric has enormous respect from the Latino community in Pasco in particular, and the Tri-Cities in general.”

Johnson brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in education. He has been recognized for this work at WSU Tri-Cities, as well as university-wide. 

Amir Gilmore, who himself was recently reappointed as a DEI associate dean over student success and retention, said Johnson’s expertise and dedication to fostering an inclusive community align perfectly with the vision and values of the college.

“Eric has extensive experience and expertise in this important work and will be instrumental in our efforts to create an educational environment where everyone feels valued and empowered,” he said. “Eric’s unique perspective and insights will be invaluable in driving positive change within the college and I’m excited to work with him on this.”

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