College of Art & Sciences recognizes outstanding faculty, staff, and students

Closeup of CAS award winners.
WSU photographer Bob Hubner (right) takes a photo of 2023 College of Arts and Sciences award recipients and Dean Todd Butler (front row, second from left).

Sixteen faculty, five staff, and five graduate students from three campuses were honored for outstanding achievement at the 2023 College of Arts & Sciences Appreciation and Recognition Social in April. 

Professors Donna Campbell, a recognized scholar of women writers, and Andrew Storfer, an internationally respected expert in landscape genetics and host-pathogen coevolution, received the top two faculty awards. Teresa Woolverton, academic coordinator in the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs was honored with the outstanding staff excellence award. Graduate students were recognized in the arts, sciences, and social sciences. 

Visit the online awards gallery to learn a little about the recipients and the impact of their work.

Faculty Career Awards

  • Donna Campbell, Department of English
  • Andrew Storfer, School of Biological Sciences
  • Brian Collins, Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Season Hoard, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs 
  • Daryl DeFord, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Lauren Westerfield, Department of English
  • Sergey Lapin, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Faculty Service Awards

  • Mark Stephan, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Julie Wieck, School of Music
  • Richard Elgar, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Tricia Glazebrook, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs

Teaching Awards

  • Andy McCubbin, School of Biological Sciences
  • Michael Goldsby, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Julie Menard, School of the Environment
  • Tom Preston, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Bala Krishnamoorthy, Department of Mathematics & Statistics 

Staff Awards

  • Teresa Woolverton, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Kara McClanahan, School of Biological Sciences
  • Summer Howard, School of Biological Sciences
  • Debbie Heston, Business Service Center
  • Brandon Fris, School of Biological Sciences

Graduate Student Achievement Awards

  • Molly Sutter, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Kevin Melendez, School of Music
  • William Favell, School of Politics, Philosophy, & Public Affairs
  • Dmitri Kalashnikov, School of the Environment
  • Andrea Bazzoli, Department of Psychology

Additionally, Elizabeth Siler, professor in the Department of English, was recognized as the inaugural Arts & Sciences Unsung Hero.

An outstanding senior in each of the 24 College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate degree programs offered at WSU Pullman will be honored at a separate medallion ceremony the day before commencement.

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