#CougsGive day in April broke record for second straight year

Washington State University’s annual day of giving, #CougsGive, saw record impact on April 13 with donors contributing 1,315 gifts totaling $791,211 — a 12.2% increase over 2021’s previous record.

Since 2015, #CougsGive has blossomed into a featured celebration of philanthropy across the WSU system. During the event, donors, students, alumni, and partners promote charitable giving through the WSU Foundation. Last year, the giving total set a #CougsGive record at $704,962. Overall, donors have given more than $3.4 million during #CougsGive events.

Through the power of social media, ambassador sharing, dollar-for-dollar matches, and unlockable challenge gifts, donors made gifts to every campus and college in the WSU system, as well as several student-success programs and scholarships.

“It’s very exciting to see so many people rally together every spring during #CougsGive to celebrate and live out the ‘Cougs helping Cougs’ mindset,” said #CougsGive campaign director Spencer Farrin. “It’s especially great to see the stories and memories our students and donors share throughout the day illustrating why they give, how they see donor impact, and what makes them proud to be Cougs.”

You might be wondering: Which WSU campus, college, or program received the most gifts during #CougsGive 2022?

  1. Cougar Athletic Fund (224 gifts)
  2. College of Veterinary Medicine (201)
  3. WSU Vancouver (144)
  4. WSU Alumni Association (98)
  5. WSU Everett (89) 

These campuses, colleges, or programs raised the most during #CougsGive 2022: 

  1. Cougar Athletic Fund $146,513
  2. College of Veterinary Medicine $132,022
  3. Carson College of Business $76,255
  4. WSU Alumni Association $24,195
  5. WSU Vancouver $21,677

Cougar Ambassadors set records with their inspiration and advocacy in 2022. On April 13, 300 gifts for $58,549 were referred directly by the 291 registered peer ambassadors. Both totals were record highs and demonstrated the power of peer-to-peer support for philanthropy.

“Ambassadors have really helped shape and grow this event over the past several years. On its own, the message of generosity is strong, and then when you add in this passionate group of Cougs who add their voices and experiences to the campaign, it really takes things to the next level,” Farrin said.

Ambassadors created unique profiles on the #CougsGive website, and then spread the word during the daylong fundraising event, sharing their enthusiasm for all things Cougs and the message of philanthropy via social media, email, phone, text, and, yes, even word of mouth. Their collective goal? To inspire others to support student success at WSU. 

For more information about #CougsGive, visit cougsgive.wsu.edu.

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