WSU Schnitzer Museum and Pullman Regional Hospital announce art & healing collaboration

Jim Dine, Lakeside, 1998

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU is collaborating with Pullman Regional Hospital using virtual exhibitions, current exhibitions, and resources from the permanent collection to engage the Pullman community in a conversation about art, health, and healing.

This collaboration is in keeping with the 5‑year Memorandum of Understanding signed by Pullman Regional Hospital and Washington State University in November 2018.

“Research shows that experiencing art reduces stress and anxiety, increases positive emotions, and decreases the likelihood of depression,” said WSU President Kirk Schulz. “What a wonderful antidote for the current pandemic. We’re delighted to partner with Pullman Regional Hospital to offer this uplifting program to our community.“

Broadly organized under the theme “Art & Healing,” the exhibitions and programs are chosen and planned with the wider Pullman community, Pullman Regional Hospital staff, and patients in mind. The offerings address the following questions around engaging in art and making art:

  1. How does art keep us healthy?
  2. How does art help with therapeutic and healing processes?
  3. How is art related to mindfulness and meditation?
  4. How does art inspire and inform those who are ill, injured, or otherwise in need of healing?
  5. How does art inspire and inform medical professionals and caregivers?

To address these questions, the museum is offering an Art & Healing Virtual Exhibitions webpage. The artworks featured on this page—selected from recent exhibitions—draw attention to the therapeutic aspects of visual, auditory, tactile, and spatial art experiences.

Corita Kent, Flowers for Mary-Lavender, 1979

“Both institutions are committed to our community’s well‑being, and it is exciting to develop a program together connected to themes of art, health, and healing,” said Ryan Hardesty, executive director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU.

From May 10 through 14, Pullman Regional Hospital will celebrate National Hospital Week, which broadly focuses on the topics of art and healing this year. A variety of activities are planned for both staff and the community to promote the connection between health and art. For more information visit the Center for Learning and Innovation webpage.

“Pullman Regional Hospital appreciates art and its connection to the healing experience. Our collaborative art and healing work with the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Washington State University demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our staff, patients and the community,” said Scott K. Adams, chief executive officer, Pullman Regional Hospital.

The programs offered by the WSU Schnitzer Museum are listed below:

Art & Healing: Works by Jim Dine and Corita Kent

Co‑curated by students from the Spring 2021 Museum Procedures class, this summer exhibition introduces works from the Jim Dine and Corita Kent print collections intended to promote discussion about art and healing. Student curators will be on hand for discussion May 12 and 14 during Art & Healing Tours (see below).

Art & Healing Tours

Please sign up for tours at the museum through the Center for Learning and Innovation at Pullman Regional Hospital

Art & Healing Tours, led by museum staff and students from the Spring 2021 Museum Procedures class, invite participants to reflect on the relationship of art, health, and healing: How do the visual arts promote physical, mental and emotional well-being? Discussion will be encouraged.

Art & Healing: Cello Performances by Ruth Boden

Jim Dine, The Mandrake, 2000

Ruth Boden will explore sound in space, space through time, and time for space in this series of live cello performance installations. Boden is an associate professor in the School of Music at WSU where she teaches cello, bass, music theory and coordinates the chamber music program.

Programs on May 14 and June 23 will be in conversation with Trimpin’s sound sculpture Ambiente432. The program on June 2 will explore personal space and improvisation through a cello and digital loop performance.

Friday, May 14, 2021

  • 2:00–3:00 p.m., Pavilion, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
  • Art & Healing: Cello Performance by Ruth Boden, From 440 to 432; Taking the Tension Out

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

  • 2:00–3:00 p.m., Pavilion, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
  • Art & Healing: Cello Performance by Ruth Boden, When Stuck in a Rut

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

  • 2:00–3:00 p.m., Pavilion, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
  • Art & Healing: Cello Performance by Ruth Boden, Listening Beyond Hearing

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