Reminder about restrictions on political activity

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Amid election season, the Office of Internal Audit is reminding all university employees that they are expected to comply with state laws pertaining to campaigning and lobbying.

WSU faculty and staff received an email in September reminding them that, as citizens, they have a right to do lobbying or supporting of political causes but as a state employee they must do so only on their own time, with their own resources and while making it clear they are not speaking on behalf of the university. Even a brief political email or phone call on state time or using state equipment or resources is prohibited.

The email in its entirety is available online.

Among the Office of Internal Audit’s goals is bringing awareness of the state ethics laws in order to help avoid situations where it might appear that an employee is speaking on behalf of the university.

Additional information on the requirements of the Ethics in Public Service Act and its provisions can be found on the Office of Internal Audit website.

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