Carson, Auvil student awards announced by Office of Undergraduate Research

By Bev Makhani, WSU Undergraduate Education

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Washington State University Office of Undergraduate Research has announced that scholarships have been awarded to 28 students pursuing research with a mentor in the 2018-19 academic year.

Each student received either a Carson or an Auvil award to support research, scholarly activity or creative projects that advance or create new knowledge in a specific field.

“Our ability to support students in their research is made possible thanks to generous donors who envision the contributions these students will make in the future to Washington, the United States, and beyond,” said Shelley Pressley, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. The office is part of WSU Undergraduate Education.

“Receiving an Auvil or Carson scholarship helps to lessen students’ financial burdens, so they can better focus on new discoveries in their fields.”

All award recipients are required to present results of their work on posters at the eighth annual Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. That event is set for March 25, 2019, in the Compton Union Building.

Carson Fellows for 2018-19

The Scott and Linda Carson Undergraduate Research Endowed Excellence Fund, established in 2013, supports researchers as they progress in their careers. The Carsons, WSU alumni, have supported the university with their service and numerous financial gifts for many years. The Carson award is the first to give preference to student researchers who are in their junior and senior years.

This year’s award recipients and their majors and mentors are:

  • Elise Bugge, environmental and ecosystem sciences, mentored by Dave Evans.
  • Nam Nguyen, marketing and international business, mentored by Chad Gotch.

Auvil Fellows for 2018-19

The Auvil Scholars Fellowship began in 2006 with a gift from the estates of Grady and Lillie Auvil, Wenatchee tree-fruit entrepreneurs. Auvil awards are available to undergraduate researchers from all majors, in all grades, from any WSU campus. More than 200 WSU undergraduates have received this award and are known as Auvil Fellows.

Auvil award recipients are:

  • Hayden Arcy, chemistry and mathematics, mentored by Nikolaos Voulgarakis.
  • Alexander Arger, civil engineering, mentored by Nicholas Engdahl.
  • Jordan Bolen, biochemistry and microbiology, mentored by Rey Carabeo.
  • Stephen Bone, bioengineering, mentored by Alla Kostyukova.
  • Hannah Cameron, animal sciences, mentored by Amber Adams-Progar.
  • Monika Cewe, chemical engineering, mentored by Bernard Van Wie.
  • Pierce Claassen, microbiology, mentored by Rey Carabeo.
  • Brooklin Devine, nutrition and exercise physiology, mentored by Kathy Beerman.
  • Rocky Friesz, zoology, mentored by Erica Crespi.
  • Savanna Garza, zoology, mentored by Michael Griswold.
  • Robert Gunson, chemical engineering, mentored by Peter Pfromm.
  • Trong Huynh, chemical engineering, mentored by Hongfei Lin.
  • Devinae McNeil, basic medical sciences, mentored by Wipawee Winuthayanon.
  • Seth McPherson, materials science and engineering, mentored by Kelvin Lynn.
  • Nathan Michellys, biochemistry, mentored by Michael Konkel.
  • Sydney Pham, nursing, mentored by Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, WSU Spokane.
  • Jordan Raymond, mechanical engineering, mentored by Jacob Leachman.
  • Jackson Rieb, bioengineering, mentored by Alla Kostyukova.
  • Miles Roberts, biology, mentored by Stephanie Porter, WSU Vancouver.
  • Yoni Rodriguez, biochemistry, mentored by Von Walden.
  • Carolina Ruiz, biology, mentored by William Snyder.
  • Yousef Salah, mechanical engineering, mentored by Younghwan Cha.
  • Kacie Salmon, mechanical engineering, mentored by Jacob Leachman.
  • Courtney Sheldon, biochemistry, mentored by Jennifer Watts.
  • Maria Wanner, apparel, merchandising, design, and textiles, mentored by Chan Mi Hwang.
  • Hannah Zmuda, bioengineering, mentored by Haluk Beyenal.

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Shelley Pressley, director, Office of Undergraduate Research, WSU Undergraduate Education, 509-335-0014,

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