Power outage impacting Environmental Health and Safety office

PULLMAN, Wash. – The Environmental Health & Safety Building, located at the corner of Grimes Way and Airport Road, currently is experiencing a power outage that has disabled both phone and computer service.

If you need to contact someone at EHS, please call 509-335-9000 and your call will be forwarded, said Jason Sampson, assistant director of environmental services at EHS.

The EHS office deals with campus issues involving hazardous materials, chemical waste management, universal waste management, laboratory safety, air quality, stormwater, public health, workplace safety, water quality, pest management, risk management, environmental issues, and training.

Technically, the power outage affected 16 buildings on campus. However, all of those except EHS are out buildings used for storage, barns, animal care, etc. The EHS building is the only one with offices, phones and computers.

Facilities Services is working with Avista Corp. representatives to resolve the power outage.

Again, if you need to contact EHS, please call 509-335-9000, and your call will be forwarded.

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