APAC recognizes exceptional administrative professional contributions

By Stephanie Rink, Administrative Professional Advisory Council

PULLMAN, Wash. – WSU Administrative Professional Advisory Council honored six outstanding WSU administrative professionals on May 10.

The awards recognize employees for going beyond the expected or required performance and making a unique difference or a far-reaching or compelling impact in the workplace. Award winners include:

Monica Babine

Monica Babine, senior associate, WSU Extension Division of Governmental Studies and Services. Babine leads the Program for Digital Initiatives and works with business, government, economic and community development organizations on promotion, research and technical assistance to increase broadband awareness, access and use. One of her nominators stated “Monica’s efforts are an example of the fundamental contribution that staff make to the success of endeavor throughout CAHNRS, Extension and the University.”

“At a time when broadband access and use is critical for everything from our own university’s enterprise operations to the daily activities of people in large and small towns that we serve, it is a privilege to work for an organization that values and supports my work,” said Babine.


Kate Gannon-Cullinan, assistant director, Residence Life. Gannon-Cullinan’s leadership has tremendously benefited the Residence Life team. Not only does she lead and mentor her staff, she developed an influential staff training curriculum and solicited feedback from staff and students to continue providing a world-class experience for students. Gannon-Cullinan also serves on campus committees and oversees numerous department initiatives. She completed her third year as communications director for the Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers. One of her nominators stated “Kate embodies exceptional professionalism and is tirelessly committed to her work.”

“Every day I have the chance to help someone — whether that’s listening, working through a process, or giving a high five — it’s a rewarding feeling,” said Gannon-Cullinan.

Kate Kamerrer

Kathleen (Kate) Kamerrer, director of finance, contracts and administrative services, Facilities Services. In her department, Kamerrer is acknowledged for her “can do” attitude and problem solving. One of her nominators stated “Kate has built a climate of trust that enables my managers to be transparent as they discuss their personnel and budget challenges.

“I’m very honored by this recognition. I love what I do and am so proud of all my WSU connections as an alumna, sports fan and staff person. I am especially proud to be a part of Facilities Services at WSU. The dedicated, hard-working team we have in this department inspire me,” said Kamerrer.

Faith Price

Faith Price, assistant director, Native American Programs. Price assists with strategic planning, program development and implementation, and oversaw the early outreach, recruitment, retention services, communications, and coordination of the newly created Tribal Nation Building Leadership Program. One of her nominators stated “Faith consistently performs above her designated job duties. She possesses both excellent interpersonal skills and technical skills. Her creativity and enthusiasm are evidenced in all aspects of her work, arising from her deep commitment and passion for empowering native students toward attaining their personal goals and positively contributing to their tribal nations and communities. Price is currently working toward her doctoral degree.

“I am grateful to my colleagues and APAC for recognizing the passion I have for my students and my work to ensure WSU embraces native students,” said Price. “Kutâputunumuw (thank you)!”

Mary Stender

Mary Stender, academic coordinator, Carson College of Business, WSU Vancouver. Stender ensures her advisees make progress towards graduation. She is also a member of the National Academic Advising Association, an advisor for ROAR and a member of the professional development committee of the Vancouver Advising Council. One of her nominators stated “Mary is a quiet and self-effacing leader. Her contributions have shaped the lives of our students, the enhancement of our programs, and the professional development of her colleagues.

Stender has honed skills in problem-solving and adapting to new technologies, different personalities and ways of doing things. She has also learned to guide students in developing these skills. Stender describes her advising philosophy as “nurturing personal growth, goal setting, and accountability, while challenging students to take opportunity risks as well as to engage with a wide network of resources.

Kathy Stilwell

Kathy Stilwell, assistant to the associate dean and director, and administrative manager for the Agriculture and Natural Resource Program Unit, WSU Extension. Stilwell provides administrative support for the associate dean and acting director of Extension and serves as the key administrative point of contact and liaison for other WSU departments and offices. Stillwell’s nominators applaud her can-do attitude, positive nature about policies, honesty, reliability and integrity. She is also recognized for building a culture of trust and respect between leadership and faculty.

One of her nominators stated “Kathy just rocks! Her efforts have allowed my program to flourish as I can spend more time on programming, research and outreach.”

“I want to express special and heartfelt thanks to my colleagues across the state who so graciously nominated me and for their kind words,” said Stilwell “I can’t think of a better organization to work than in Extension—it is very special place, and I appreciate all of the wonderful people I work with every day.”



Stephanie Rink, APAC and assistant to the dean, Carson College of Business, 509-335-2019, stephanie.rink@wsu.edu

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