Learn more about Chicano/Latino culture during Semana de La Raza

Semana de La Raza, hosted by the Chicano/Latino Student Alliance, is a weeklong program of Chicano/Latino culture, art, history and scholarship.

The calendar of events is as follows:
Noon  Opening Ceremony with Pinatas and Mariachi Wazzu @ Glenn Terrell Mall
1:00 p.m. Kick-off potluck with guest speaker Dr. John Alderete @ CUE 518
All day Canvas Community Painting @ the Chicano/Latino Student Center in CUB 402
Noon  Encuentros. Research Symposium sponsored by the McNair Achievement Program and the Chicano/Latino Student Center @ the Chicano/Latino Student Center in CUB 402
4:00 p.m. Artist Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo artwork lecture @ CUB 406
5:00 p.m. The grand unveiling of a new painting at the Chicano/Latino Student Center
Noon Timed eating contest @ Todd steps/Glenn Terrell Mall. Music by DJ UNIQ
6:00 p.m. Movie night: In the Times of the Butterflies @ Todd Auditorium
Noon Slideshow: History of Chicanos at WSU @ the Chicano/Latino Student Center in CUB 402
5:00 p.m. Workshop with Poet Molina Soleil @ CUB Butch’s Den
6:00 p.m. Poetry Night with special guest Molina Soleil @ CUB Butch’s Den
11:30 a.m. Workshop: Dream Act by Senia Farias @ the Chicano/Latino Student Center in CUB 402
Noon Workshop: Anti-Emo movement in Mexica by LQA @ the Chicano/Latino Student Center in CUB 402
8:00 p.m. Noche Cultural Talent Show with musical guest Joaquin Avila aka SHO @ CUB Auditorium
11:00 a.m. Multicultural Club of Equality Soccer Tourney @ the Physical Education Building Gym
11:00 a.m. La Alianza Allumni Alliance General Meeting @ the Lewis Allumni Centre: Regents Room
7:00 p.m. 30th Annual Gabriel Gardenas Scholarship Banquet with keynote speaker Eulalia Soto-Esquivel @ CUB Grand Ballroom
*Tickets available at the Chicano/Latino Student Center
9:00 p.m. El Baile Dance with DJ UNIQ  @ CUB Grand Ballroom
Not included on the calendar is the touching up of a mural by the original artist, Joseph “Nuke” Montalvo. The Mural, Sexto Sol, has been in the Chicano/Latino Student Center for 12 years.  It has provoked intellectual thought and discussion as well as created a monument the entire campus is proud of.  The artist will be touching up the mural on March 5th.
All events are open to the public and for all ages.
For more information contact the Chicano Latino Student Center, 335-2616 or Luis Sanchez at lgsanchez@wsu.edu or by cell at 310-920-8340.

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