WSU internal comm. moved to electronic only

Internal communications at WSU will be delivered electronically only, according to a policy announced Jan. 14 by President Elson S. Floyd as part of an effort to reduce operating costs and save resources.
As a result, WSU Today – the university’s newspaper for faculty, staff and graduate students – will cease to be offered in print format. WSU Today will provide internal news and information via its website and other electronic formats.
Floyd urged departments to convert their internal communications to electronic delivery as promptly as possible. By July 1, all internal communication must be electronic.
This decision comes out of efforts by the administration and the University Budget Committee to cut operating costs. Printing and paper costs for WSU Today were$20,531 for the 2007-2008academic year.
Floyd said internal communication is important for the university. This change to electronic delivery will open up opportunities to use innovative communication technologies and increase access to news and information across all WSU locations, he said.
The printed version of WSU Today will continue for a few issues so staff can prepare for the transition. An online survey will be launched asking for insights on how the WSU Today and internal communication staff can best meet their needs in Web and electronic formats – including features and formats via e-mail, websites, PDF formats and mobile devices.
“Although we are sad to see the WSU Today print format ended, this move provides WSU and the internal communications staff with a myriad of new opportunities,” said Robert Frank, director of internal communication and editor of WSU Today. “By working collaboratively with the WSU News Service and public information officers universitywide, we hope to provide better, more timely news and information to faculty, staff and graduate students, as well as to our audiences throughout the state and nation.”
The faculty/staff publication began 38 years ago, in September 1971, as an 8×11 weekly newsletter titled the University Bulletin. Three years later it was renamed the Bulletin Calendar and was enlarged to an 11×17 format. In 1989, it was redesigned and renamed WSU Week. In 2001, it was redesigned, converted to an 8-page biweekly titled WSU Today, and linked to a related website that is updated daily and provides a searchable online function.
“Please look for the upcoming survey, and let us know how we can best serve you,” Frank said. “And, if you are not yet a subscriber, please sign up for the university’s e-mail newsletter, WSU Announcements, which delivers headlines daily.”
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