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Workshop addresses academic interactions

Many important aspects of academic development occur outside the classroom in the informal conversations, interactions, and mentoring that take place between faculty and students.
Discussions during office hours, email exchanges, and spontaneous hallway meetings may seem natural and welcome to native English speakers, contributing much to their learning and progress.
However, due to language barriers and cultural differences, non-native English speakers may be reluctant to engage faculty outside the classroom; when they do so, the results can be ambiguous for both instructor and student. What did each person understand?
This one hour workshop to learn ways to promote more fruitful (and more frequent) academic interaction with non-native English speakers outside of the classroom will be held on Thursday, March 27 from 3-4:30 p.m. in the Bundy Reading Room in Avery Hall.

The presenters will be Dr. Nancy Bell, Department of English and Dr. Ashley Ater-Kranov of CTLT.

To assist with planning and refreshments, please email Dr. Nancy Bell at or calling 509-335-1322 to RSVP.

When you RSVP, please expand on what specifics you’d like addressed in the workshop or share a related scenario from your own experience – all identifying factors will be removed should your scenario be used as an example in the workshop.

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