WSU reports higher, diverse enrollment

Washington State University’s 10th day enrollment figures show increased student numbers at all campuses, a record influx of freshmen and higher numbers of minority students.

Overall, WSU is showing a 3.1 percent increase in enrollment statewide, from 23,654 students last fall to 24,396 in fall 2007. The numbers are buoyed by the first class of freshmen at WSU Tri-Cities, continued strong freshman enrollment at WSU Vancouver and the Pullman campus’ largest freshman class ever.

“We are very pleased with our enrollment profile for WSU statewide,” said Robert Bates, provost and executive vice president.

“We feel we are very much becoming a destination university for students attracted by our programs,” said Bates, pointing to the large applicant pool and excellent qualifications of the incoming class.

On the Pullman campus — where enrollment increased by 1.6 percent to 17,583 students — the class of first-time freshmen includes 3,208 students. The freshman class, the largest in university history, also had the highest average SAT score of 1111, up from 1103 last fall.

Enrollment for the Pullman and Spokane campuses, which are considered one campus for state reporting purposes, will be about 18,781 (up 304 over last year). WSU Spokane enrollment showed a 1.8 percent increase, from 1,177 to 1,198 total students.

University officials are also pleased with an increase in minority enrollments university-wide. Minority freshman students increased at the same 18 percent rate of the overall incoming class in Pullman, meaning that WSU enrolled 79 more minority freshmen on the Pullman campus this fall than last.

The percentage of minority students in the total WSU enrollment increased from 13.4 percent in fall 2006 to 14.0 percent this fall.

“We are excited about this class. This is very significant for us at WSU,” said Michael J. Tate, vice president of the Division of Student Affairs, Equity and Diversity. Tate said the university plans to use the same student-centered approach that helped raise the enrollment numbers to focus on continued improvements in student retention and graduation rates.

Other enrollment highlights:

·The single largest percent increase for freshmen applicants and
enrolled students was among international students. The applicant pool for them increased 31 percent (or 112 more) and the number enrolled increased 89 percent (or 24 more).

·Nonresident applications were up significantly over last year,
showing a 21 percent increase (or 333 more). The number of nonresident students enrolled increased by 38 percent, up 100.

·In Pullman, graduate enrollment is up 3.8 percent (from 1910 to
1983 students).

·WSU Tri-Cities is reporting a record enrollment, up more than 16
percent from last year. WSU Tri-Cities enrolled about 117 total freshmen in its first freshman class, including first-time freshmen and those students who enter with less than 27 credit hours. WSU Vancouver, which admitted its first freshman class last fall, has enrolled about 160 first-time freshmen this year. WSU Vancouver’s enrollment is also at record levels, up nearly 8 percent from last fall.

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