WSU Athletics receives national diversity award

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – For the second consecutive year, Washington State University has been bestowed with the Diversity in Athletics Award presented by the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport at Texas A&M University.

WSU repeated its honor of being recognized in the Overall Excellence in Diversity and Title IX Compliance categories. The Diversity in Athletics Award, which is presented annually by the organization, recognizes the NCAA Division I-A athletic departments that excel in the area of diversity. 

“This is an award that is given only after careful review and consideration,” WSU President V. Lane Rawlins said. “It is a special honor for Washington State University to have received it twice.  Appreciation of diversity and the shared values that accompany it are central to the success of WSU, and I compliment athletics for being a leader.”

“A university’s athletic department is, for many supporters and fans, the public face of the institution,” WSU President Designate Elson S. Floyd said. “That is why it is so important that the athletic program reflects the university’s ideals and aspirations. I know that WSU has a strong reputation for diversity in athletics, and I am pleased that it is being recognized.”

WSU was one of 10 schools recognized in the Overall Excellence in Diversity category, and one of nine schools in the Title IX Compliance category.

“During my six years in my role as Faculty Athletic Representative, I have been continually impressed with the commitment, efforts, and success of Jim Sterk and the athletic department in working to bring diversity and opportunity to Washington State University,” Faculty Athletic Representative Ken Casavant said. “On behalf of the faculty I commend them; this award is richly deserved.”

“We are extremely honored to be recognized for overall excellence in diversity and Title IX compliance for the second consecutive year,” WSU Director of Athletics Jim Sterk said. “We are dedicated to continually grow and improve all of our diversity efforts, and these awards demonstrate we have made tremendous progress toward this goal. It is also a tribute to our dedicated staff and student-athlete population.”

The organization’s release states: “Despite the numerous diversity-related problems and issues in university athletics, there are many athletic departments that excel in the area of diversity. These departments are open to all persons, regardless of their demographic characteristics, values, attitudes or preferences. These persons have access to all positions within the department, including leadership positions. The departments have non-discriminatory policies and regulations. They value their employees and student-athletes, and make efforts to treat them fairly and justly. In short, these departments value diversity. The purpose of the Diversity in Athletes Award is to recognize these departments.”

The Laboratory for Diversity in Sport at Texas A&M University is directed by Dr. George Cunningham, who conducted the surveys of each university’s athletics departments. For more information on the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport or the Diversity in Athletics Award, please visit their website at:

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