Three-part freshman program announced at WSU Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES Vicky Carwein, chancellor at WSU Tri-Cities, has announced a major initiative — including scholarships, mentoring and internship programs — to support the students of the campus’s first freshmen class, scheduled to begin classes next fall.

Carwein said, “I know that students and their parents will catch the excitement of the outstanding academic program we’ve developed for these freshmen.  But, for many, this three-part initiative will be the ‘icing on the cake’ to get them to apply.”

The initiative, announced by Carwein, has three components:

* Mentors:  Each freshman will be linked with a mentor who can provide career insight and encouragement throughout the year.  Mentors serve as role models who help students achieve their goals, step by step.

* Internships:  “Research shows that students learn more effectively when learning is linked to practical application,” according to Don Lynch, vice chancellor of academic programs.  Students will be matched with service learning projects in the community beginning their first year.  “Projects will grow more complex as student knowledge increases.  By the time they are seniors, we’ll place each student in an independent internship with a business in the region,” Lynch said.

* Scholarships:  Each freshman enrolled at WSU Tri-Cities for fall 2007 will receive a $3,000 “First Class” scholarship award.  This will be matched by a second award of $3,000 during the student’s senior year.  “This second scholarship encourages students to complete their degrees here,” Carwein said.  Students may also receive an additional academic excellence scholarship during their first and fourth years.  These scholarships are in addition to those available to all WSU students through the financial aid system.

“The community worked together to get legislation to grow our campus into a full, four-year university.  We’re now working with alumni, community leaders, and donors to provide our first freshmen class with outstanding supportmentors, internships, and scholarships,” said Carwein.

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