Program gives 105 percent of employee donations

Ten years ago the amount was $3.4 million. Five years ago it was $4.7 million. Last year, the Washington State Combined Fund Drive donated more than $5.6 million to 2,199 nonprofit organizations — the highest in the program’s history. WSU employees gave $167,944. 
CFD was founded in Washington State in 1984 as a means of streamlining and consolidating the numerous fund-raising campaigns that were occurring throughout the year. Today, more than 120 WSU employees give their time to keep the university community aware of the possibilities available for giving via CFD.

State employees may use payroll deduction to donate to a nonprofit organization of their choice.
“There is no minimum or maximum donation amount,” said Brent Freeman, WSU CFD campaign co-coordinator. “People can give as much as they can afford.” 

No administrative fees
Another benefit of payroll deduction is it allows more money to be donated to the charity since all of the money received is placed in a single account to gain interest. About 105 percent of peoples’ contributions are actually going to their chosen organizations. In addition, the full amount of money goes to the charities, with no administrative charge.

Donations do not have to be made through payroll deduction on each paycheck. Employees also can choose a one-time payroll deduction, write a personal check or volunteer to help with the CFD campaign or any organization.

“The CFD is a great vehicle to take accountability for and contribute to your local community,” said Theresa Lehman, WSU CFD co-coordinator.

Goal to increase participation
The goal of this year’s CFD campaign is to increase employee participation to 15 percent, a raise of 5.33 percent over last year.

The CFD will host its annual kickoff event at 4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, at the home of President V. Lane Rawlins. The event will serve as a celebration and recognition for those employees who have given five or 10 years of service to the WSU CFD. Both Rawlins and Provost Robert Bates will be in attendance.

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