Quarter Century Club to add 67

After 25 years of service, 67 new faculty and staff members will be inducted into WSU’s Quarter Century Club at its annual recognition breakfast at 8 a.m. Tuesday, April 25, in the CUB Ballroom. Another 29 individuals will be recognized for 50 years of association with WSU.

To be inducted into the club, members must have worked at WSU for 25 years in a benefits-qualifying position. Once inducted, they are recognized again 25 years later as half-century members, even if they have retired.

Anyone interested may attend the breakfast. The cost is $12, and reservations to attend must be made in advance. For more information or to make reservations, contact Human Resource Services at 335-4251.

New 25-year members
J. R. Alldredge, Glen A. Ames, John R. Anderson, William M. Arnhold, James R. Beck, Rachelle M. Bennett, Thomas E. Besser, Donna K. Blacker, James W. Boyer, David E. Bragg, Randolph A. Brickey Jr., Mary Anne Brown, Jeanne L. Burritt, Shelley Ann Burt, Richard R. Cardon, Ralph P. Cavalieri, Donna F. Clark, Darwin E. Clausnitzer, Alice T. Coil, Ronald A. Collins, Sheree M. Collins, Darrell M. Davenport, Norma Ruth Day, A. Singh Dhillon, Gerald E. Edwards, Cynthia D. Ellison, Carlene L. Emerson, Roberta J. Emerson, Susan Jane Ferguson, Nora O. Fuller, David A. Gibney Jr. , Lynn M. Gordon, Keith A. Gunther, Yogendra M. Gupta, Steven J. Hansen, Kenneth L. Hathaway, James W. Holden, David V. Hutton, Janet Casello Johnson, Kevin D. Keifer, Stephen T. Kenny, Trudy K. Kenny, Robert D. Kirkpatrick, Steven R. Leib, Linda Scott Lilles, Richard H. Lindhag, Neil R. Manning, Jr., Joerg Mehlman, Jill R. Palmer, Raymond Lee Richmond Jr., Dale L. Romans, Kathleen E. Sain, David L. Scarnecchia, Russell M. Schaff, Steven M. Schauble, Francis T. Sciamanda, Julie R. Semler, Betty L. Sheets, Tucson L. Smith, Linda S. Stone, Steven L. Stone, Christine M. Suquet, Kay Hansten Surles, Richard F. Taflinger, Joyce M. Tamura, Leo A. Udy,and Darby Vassar.

New 50-year members
Donald L. Bender, Robert E. Berney, William E. Brandt, Sherill Carlson, Wyatt W. Cone, Lloyd B. Craine, Rinehart Dahmen, Norma R. Dement, David Flaherty, Wallis W. Friel, Wilbert C. Gerlitz, Roy L. Goss, Grant A. Harris, Ervin Hindin, Roland Hintze, Donna M. Juve, Elizabeth G. Lord, Robert Luedeking, Thomas M. Maloney, Bruce A. McFadden, Harlan Mills, Richard A. Parker, Thomas R. Quann, Margaret M. Russell, Calvin D. Skotland, Jerry Van Dyke, P. Dean Vanderwall, and George Varner.

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