Those killed in war on terrorism honored

The Global War on Terrorism in the past two years has claimed the lives of three Washington State University students and alumni. Due to the limited size of WSU Pullman’s veterans memorial, there is nowhere to inscribe their names and permanently recognize their sacrifice.

Recently, the university designated $15,000-$20,000 to have the memorial (located east of Thompson Hall and north of Murrow Hall) expanded to honor the recent and future sacrifices by WSU students.

Helping lead that effort were students, faculty and staff, including Charii Higgins, WSU Veterans Affairs coordinator.

“At first, administrators wanted to wait until the war was over. But no one knows how long that will be,” she said. “It could be 10-12 years, and we didn’t think the university should wait that long to honor them. We believed they deserved to be honored now, while their friends and professors are still here and remembered them.”

Plans for expanding the memorial were designed by Patricia Bergstedt, an architectural/engineer supervisor in Facilities Operations. Rock, cement and metal will form the walls or wings to be added on each side of the memorial’s bench. The names of fallen soldiers will be cast in bronze individually and secured to an existing plaque on the wall. The Veterans Affairs Office has asked that the work be completed before next Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2006.

“We’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do,” said Al Jamison, interim vice president for Student Affairs. “It’s really a small gesture to tell the community how highly we think of these students who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

Tom Brigham, psychology professor and a special assistant to the president, said the expansion is a reflection of the university’s “concern for the military men and women from WSU who are involved in Afghanistan and Iraq and its desire to support them in every way possible.”

WSU students and alumni who have died in the Global War on Terrorism include:
• Damien T. Ficek, sergeant, Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry Regiment, killed Dec. 30, 2004.
• Jaime (Krausse) Campbell, 1st lieutenant, Army National Guard, killed in a helicopter crash in northern Iraq on Jan. 7, 2006.
• James Shull, captain, U.S. Army 4th Battalion, 1st Field Artillery Division, killed Nov. 17, 2003.

The WSU Veterans Memorial carries the names of 302 former WSU students/graduates who died in past wars.

Persian Gulf
Hedeen, Eric D 1987

Allen, Ace 1950
Carey, Edwin A Jr 1947
Hunt, Robert G 1950
Kangas, Wilbert E H 1943
Mckay, Connie C 1951
Pratt, Parker H 1938
Price, Robert G 1949
Putnam, James E 1950
Rist, Alfred L 1950
Sexson, Jack R 1950
Taylor, David S 1943

Clowe, Robert E 1966
Dennison, Terry A 1956
Denny, Jerry D 1965
Fabian, William H 1962
Fors, Gary H * 1963
Franck, Ralph H Jr 1966
Fry, James R Jr 1967
Gerth, Peter H 1968
Harris, William L 1964
Hendrickson, Keith R 1966
Hostikka, Richard A 1964
Houck, Stephen C 1966
Hyatt, George J 1966
Jacobs, Edward J Jr 1952
Lang, Timothy M 1960
Logan, Jacob D 1962
Masterson, Michael J 1960
Mchugo, Donald L 1954
Murdock, Michael G 1966
Nelson, David L 1964
Nelson, Lewis C 1967
Neth, Danny A  1960
Pearson, Robert H 1964
Powers, John R 1966
Prentice, Kenneth M 1965
Ray, Ronald E 1965
Schultz, David J 1967
Shriner, Thomas J 1968
Starkel,Max P 1958
Steinbrunner, Donald T 1953
Sullivan, John A 1967
Trimble, Larry A 1969
Weber, Wiltse L 1968
Weightman, Gregg E 1969
Worthington, Richard C 1967
Wright, Robert 1964
Zacher, Lyle D (Mia) 1964

World War II
Adams, Robert H 1941
Adams, William H 1943
Adell, Robert F 1943
Allison, Edward C 1934
Anderson, Ernest H 1941
Balsinger, Arthur E 1943
Beauchamp, John W 1939
Beinke, Sidney C 1940
Benjamin, William R 1942
Benner, Melvin J 1939
Bishop, Robert P 1943
Bitar, Emil S 1935
Black, Don C 1932
Boalch, Rodney T 1943
Bolong, Olympio 1935
Bornander, Edwin A 1941
Bowler, Robert V 1933
Bryant, Floyd C 1930
Buckley, Archie M 1930
Burgess, Harland F 1922
Burgess, Walter K 1913
Burke, Earnest W 1923
Burnet, James L 1941
Burr, David Jr. 1942
Calder, Robert J 1942
Callison, William K 1941
Cammon, Roger D 1938
Camp, Leland R 1942
Campbell, Robert L 1942
Carr, Keith H 1941
Carroll, Joe D 1940
Carstensen, Myron B 1943
Chambers, Gilbert B 1940
Chapin, Walter 1943
Christian, Kenneth 1937
Clinton, Marvin S 1940
Clumper, Alfred B 1943
Cole, Harry L 1941
Colley, Jess L 1936
Conger, Allan C 1941
Cook, Milton L 1942
Corbett, Horace S 1941
Cullinane, David E 1937
Daggett, Elson Jr 1943
Dahlke, William M 1937
Damascus, Gust J 1943
Daniels, Clair L 1942
Davison, George A 1944
Day, Robert W 1939
Devoe, Lewis E 1940
Dhondt, Marion E 1942
Dickerson, Walter F 1937
Dickson, Marvin 1939
Dixon, Robert M 1942
Dragnich, George N 1941
Drumhiller, Robert 1942
Dunford, Ernest J 1938
Duprey, Rene 1940
Eaton, Merle S 1941
Edes, Alfred W 1941
Ellsworth, Leon W 1942
Ennis, Robert E 1938
Erickson, Gunner W 1942
Erickson, Harvey R 1929
Fanazick, Joseph W 1931
Felch, George A 1926
Ferguson, Allen J 1931
Ferguson, Ben F 1939
Finley, Leslie H 1938
Fisk, Jack Y 1938
Foley, William T 1938
Ford, Robert M 1939
Forsman, Robert E 1942
French, Kenneth P 1939
Froemke, Donald H 1938
Fryslie, John V 1941
Fuller, James A 1943
Gamble, James T 1943
Garrison, Robert L 1940
Gay, Charles W 1943
Gilbert, Calvin L 1937
Gilbert, Henry G 1940
Gillingham, Bernard 1941
Gould, Jack P 1937
Graves, Richard D 1939
Graybill, Edward C 1943
Greene, George R 1942
Guenther, Warren W 1942
Hair, Gene W 1934
Haldeman, Vance F 1942
Hardt, Richard A 1939
Hempstead, Don C Jr 1941
Hokenstad, Warren R 1940
Holech, Harry J 1940
Holsten, Claude 1932
Hornek, William H Jr 1941
Houleham, Patrick P 1943
Hughes, Billy D 1941
Hughes, Harrison S 1940
Hull, Thurston C 1942
Imhoff, Robert C 1943
Jett, William H 1940
Jones, Marion E 1939
Judge, Jim R 1937
Julian, Lewis 1931
Karnath, Lyle G 1937
Kehoe, Robert J 1939
Kelleher, Chester P 1942
Kelleher, Chester P 1942
Kelly, Joseph M 1942
Kennedy, James D 1943
Kerns, Ralph 1941
Kerr, Lee D 1941
Kilgore, James M 1933
King, Warren L 1942
Kingman, Dale M 1941
Kirkham, Charles N 1942
Kirtland, Orville A 1939
Kizer, Ralph L 1941
Klemgard, Jim E 1941
Krantz, Robert A 1940
Kraus, Raymond C 1941
Lagounaris, Frank D 1943
Lane, Horne B 1941
Lasalle, Willard D 1938
Lasswell, Ben E Jr 1943
Levine, Edward M Jr 1929
Lewellen, Jeanne M 1933
Lewis, Thomas H 1940
Loomis, Everett W 1941
Love, Loren E 1939
Ludwig, Robert H 1941
Lull, Robert H 1943
Magnuson, Gus A Jr 1943
Martyr, Carleton L 1940
Matzger, Charles W 1943
Mcallister, Donald F 1942
Mccanse, William W 1944
Mcclellan, Joseph 1940
Mcnabb, Robert E 1940
Mcneil, William H 1937
Mickelson, Clayton H 1937
Miles, Clifford O 1937
Miller, Glen W 1937
Miller, Louis I 1941
Miller Reginald J 1938
Miller, Richard C 1940
Mohr, Gerald E 1943
Mollett, Harold B 1939
Moore, John W 1928
Moran, Frank R 1940
Morgan, Donald 1946
Morgan, Donald Q 1942
Munson, Raymond G 1939
Myers, Edward J 1944
Nardi, Elmer J 1942
Neeedham, Robert F 1940
Nellor, Robert H 1941
Nolan, Robert W 1942
Oliver, David U 1930
Oliver, Karl A 1938
Palmer, Marvin B 1934
Parkins, Harlow 1934
Patten, Robert A 1942
Perry, Norris 1936
Petaja, Wayne R 1940
Pickard, James A 1940
Plowman, Noel E 1940
Porter, Grenville 1941
Prater, Charles L 1940
Protherough, Robert G 1941
Prouty, Gerrel A 1942
Rasque, George W 1937
Reymore, George W 1943
Richey, James A 1934
Riemland, Jack B 1942
Ritchie, William H 1938
Rock, Harold R 1941
Rumberg, Ira C 1938
Sax, Paul J 1941
Schmella, John M 1937
Scholz, Howard A 1943
Sebastian, Maximo 1938
Seike, Toll 1944
Selph, Nathan J 1940
Simmons, Howard E Jr 1943
Smith, Robert A 1941
Somers, Wilber E 1941
Sorrels, Dallas H 1942
Stambaugh, Millard 1941
Stoddard, Robert E 1943
Stone, Earle A 1941
Story, Ernest C 1937
Streeter, Jack S 1933
Stringer, Robert L 1943
Tepler, Jack E 1943
Terry, Lyman 1942
Thurston, Robert M 1943
Tramseth, Willard 1942
Truesdell, Floyd H 1941
Waldner, Frank A 1943
Wappenstein, William A 1920
Welchko, Cecil R 1939
Wells, Harry E 1940
West, Jesse H 1921
Wheeler, Charles 1936
Whittemore, Harold E 1942
Wollenberg, Fredrick R 1939
Woodruff, David P 1943
Yeilding, Arthur T 1939
Young, Orman W Jr 1943

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