Annual Fine Arts Faculty Exhibit set for Aug. 19

PULLMAN — The Museum of Art will present the annual Fine Arts Faculty Exhibit Aug. 19 – Sept. 17, with a public opening reception at 7 p.m. Aug. 29. 

The exhibit is an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of both emeriti and current Fine Arts department faculty members, said Anna-Maria Shannon, the museum’s assistant director.  Each year, the exhibit includes a wide variety of works from the artists who provide inspiration to WSU students daily, allowing them to observe their mentors put skill and theory into practice, she said.

Keith Wells, museum curator, said this year’s Fine Arts Faculty Exhibit will feature a diverse blend of works utilizing many different media.  The Museum of Art has pushed the exhibit to the beginning of the semester so incoming students are immediately exposed to the manifold talents of the fine arts faculty. The addition of several new faculty members should make this years exhibit a particularly special one, he said.

Each faculty member is a practicing artist, along with the “day job” of encouraging young artists to find their own unique style.  Nik Meisel, a second-year adjunct sculpture professor, believes the exhibit provides faculty with a method of demonstrating to students what it means to exist as an artist beyond the classroom.

This year, the Museum of Art anticipates the work of Ann Christenson, Ross Coates, Maria Deprano, Sandy Deutchman, Tim Doebler, Jack Dollhausen, Michelle Forsyth, Douglas Gast, Joseph Stengel-Goetz, Samantha Stengel-Goetz, Kevin Haas, Robert Helm, Tamara Helm, Harrison Higgs, Fran Ho, Tia-Maria Holler, Jo Hockenhull, Marianne Kinkel, Pamela Lee, Jeanne Fulfs-Meisel, Nik Meisel, Leslie Robison, Eugene Rosa, Casey Shiprek, Patrick Siler, Chris Watts and Carol Ivory.

Funding for this exhibit and programs has been provided by the Friends of the Museum of Art/WSU. Visit the WSU Museum of Art Web site at for more information.

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