Photo selected to hang in Smithsonian museum

Dewitt (Duke) Beattie, a WSU engineering technical supervisor with the College of Science, recently had one of his photos selected to be displayed in a Smithsonian museum and was named a finalist in a national photography contest.

Beattie has pursued photography as a hobby for more than 40 years, and has occasionally sold some of his photos.

Beattie’s award winning photo captured a glimpse of an abandoned farmhouse near Bald Butte south of Pullman. As part of the recognition, his photo will be published in the July issue of Smithsonian magazine, and it is now hanging in a Smithsonian Institution museum in Washington, D.C. It was also seen in the June 29 issue of Moscow Daily News, online at

The photograph was taken last October. And Beattie says he entered it into a Smithsonian contest a whim while surfing the Internet.

The photo was taken with a digital camera, polarizing filter and a graduated neutral density filter.

Beattie has worked for WSU for more than 20 years.

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