Quarter Century Club to induct 89 new members

WSU’s Quarter Century Club will induct more than 80 new faculty and staff members at its annual recognition breakfast at 8 a.m. Tuesday, May 3, in the CUB ballroom. Seventeen of the 50-year members will be recognized, as well, for their association with WSU. Anyone may attend the breakfast, which costs $12. To make reservations, phone Human Resource Services at 335-4521.

To be initiated into the club, members must have worked at WSU for 25 years. Once they are inducted into the club, they will be recognized again 25 years later as half-century members, even if they have retired.

The current faculty member with the longest employment record is John Gorham, a professor of veterinary microbiology and pathology who started at WSU in 1948. The classified staff person with the most longevity is Jacqueline Knight, Facilities Operation Center supervisor at WSU Pullman, who started at WSU in 1961.

For more information, contact Human Resource Services, 335-4251.

New 50-Year Members
Stanley Berry, Joseph W. Blake, Frank W. Brands, Richard Brown, Donald L. Eickhoff, Robert J. Foster, Paul R. Fridlund, John R. Hunt, Sylvia E. Johnson, Kenneth K. Kinder, James A. Kittrick, William P. McDougall, Warren L. Moore, Merrill W. Price, Geraldine Senter, Earl A. Stuckel, Louis C. Torre.

New 25-Year Members
Jonny J. Allen, David B. Anderson, Carolee N. Armfield, Kirk O. Arrasmith, Judith A. Ashworth, Dianne Bartle, George L. Bedirian, Bruce F. Benson, R. Alan Black, Betty Blankenship, Pat Boyes, Sandra J. Brown, W. Trent Bunderson, Brenda J. Carlson, Andrea C. Chosch-Pittenger, Deborah K. Dahlin, Dennis R. Findlay, Sharon C. Forster

Shirley C. Giden, Lola M. Gillespie, Richard Grunewald, Michael R. Hackett, Patricia A. Haley, Clarence N. Hart, Ann K. Hennings, Herbert R. Hinman, Deborah R. Howerton, Dennis A. Johnson, William J. Johnston, Linda Jones, Randolph Jorgensen, Elizabeth Khosravi, John Edward Kicza, Kathleen A. Kiernan, Garrison E. King, R. Wesley Leid Jr., Robert A. Lentz, Joyce L. Leonard, Knona C. Liddell, Paul F. Lurquin

Craig MacConnell, Sandra L. Mack, Daniel T. Maher, Jon M. Mallatt, Norman C. Martel, Karen J. McClure, Larry T. Miller, Val D. Miskin, Martha A. Nelson, Marianne C. Ophardt, Margaret E. Paden, Guy H. Palmer, Jane Parker, Edward F. Pate, Gary Q. Pelter, Thomas E. Platt, Debra K. Posey, Kathleen A. Potter, Robert M. Pringle, Robert C. Redman, Jerry L. Reynolds, Janet M. Rupp

Chris C. Schofield, Gene V. Siple, Michael J. Smerdon, David J. Smestad, Jean Smith, Patricia A. Smith, Kathleen M. Smith-Meadows, Sara E. Spayd, Victor L. Swan, Sylvia A. Thompson, William J. Thomson, Timothy R. Troutt, Raylene A. Wagner, Richard C. Ward, David S. Watkins, Laurie L. Weinmann, Elizabeth L. West, David B. Wherry, Sharon O. White, Craig E. Whitney, Yvonne K. Wight, Robert D. Wright, Richard S. Zack Jr.

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