Professional leave requests approved for 53

Fifty-three requests for professional leave in 2005-2006 have been approved by Provost Robert C. Bates. He noted there will be no additional costs to WSU for this program. The recipients and topics, according to college, are:

Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences
Markus Flury, associate professor, Crop and Soil Sciences, August 2005-May 2006, to write a textbook on soil physics and expand research on dynamics of water flow in unsaturated porous media.
Stephen Jones, associate professor/associate scientist, Crop and Soil Sciences, September 2005-March 2006, to search archives for materials on Luther Burbank’s plant breeding methods and association with early eugenics organizations and research land-grant universities’ roles in teaching eugenics.
Raymond Jussaume, associate professor and chair, Community and Rural Sociology, July-December 2005, to examine the dynamics of local agri-food systems in Europe and develop understanding of the relationship between sustainability and food system structure, at the National Institute of Agronomic Research in Montpelier, France.
Janet Lambarth, agent/director, Pend Oreille County Extension, April-September 2005, to produce a preliminary analysis of the horse-human relationship and its benefits to a group of young women in the 4-H horse project.
Jim Lindstrom, agent E-4, Spokane County Extension, February-July 2005, to survey and study the perceptions by Washington county commissioners and/or council members of Extension and its programs, for strategy development.
Jill McCluskey, associate professor and associate scientist, School of Economic Sciences, August-December 2005, to work on the effects of label format on consumer behavior at WSU and on demand for eco-labels at Oregon State University, and to revise two graduate courses.
Karen Peterson, professor and specialist E-4, Human Development, January-June 2006, to develop implementation plan for service learning/internship initiative for WSU Extension.
Robert Scarfo, associate professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, August-December 2005, for publication of user-friendly design guidelines needed by urban, suburban and rural communities officials and planners, and for development of curricula that joins health-care and environmental design students in learning situations.
Gerdean Tan, associate professor, Teaching and Learning and Human Development, January-May 2006, to collect schooling practices that are working with diverse students, complete communication theories and strategies book for reducing racial prejudices and update knowledge on multicultural schooling practice.

Business and Economics
Thomas Tripp, professor and director, Management and Operations, August-December 2005, to teach in Brig, Switzerland, consistent with CBE goals for faculty to accumulate international experience.

Susan Banks, assistant professor, Teaching and Learning, August 2005-May 2006, to write results of a study addressing the evaluation of a model program in Native American parent/caregiver training in special education laws and practices, design study of Native American children with disabilities and their families and write a grant proposal(s) to obtain funding for that study.
Joy Egbert, associate professor, Teaching and Learning, August 2005-May 2006, to design studies on flow and language learning at the U of W and Bilkent University in Turkey; write a textbook and finish publications in Ohio and the University of Arizona; upgrade and practice technical skills at universities in the Russian Federation; conduct observations in ESL classrooms in Yakima, Spokane, Seattle and Tucson.
Gisela Ernst-Slavit, professor, Teaching and Learning, August 2005-May 2006, to examine contributions of sociolinguistic/ethnographic perspectives to the study of linguistic and literacy practices in cross-cultural contexts with linguistic minorities and explore educational programs designed to assist K-12 minority students.

Engineering and Architecture
Paul Hirzel, associate professor, Architecture and Construction Management, August-December 2005, to create an undergraduate self-assessment tool that identifies the most common errors observed in design reviews and propose possible solutions.
Uma Jayaram, associate professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, August-May 2006, to distribute virtual assembly methods using PC cluster in Mount Vernon and Pullman, investigate mixed technology training ensemble for electric utility sector in Spokane and Pullman, and integrate tools and technologies for product realization process in Pullman.
David Hutton, professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, January-May 2006, to create an up-to-date curriculum in mechatronics, a practice-based lab manual and a starting basis for mechatronics major at WSU Vancouver.

Liberal Arts
Robert Ackerman, professor, Anthropology, August-December 2005, to organize maritime symposium at international conference, do archaeological collections analysis and assemble symposium papers into book on North Pacific maritime adaptations.
John Bodley, professor, Anthropology, January-May 2006, to analyze decision-making and distribution of costs and benefits in global-scale development of Whistler, B.C., in comparison with community based development model followed by nearby Stl’atl’imx peoples.
Timothy Kohler, professor and chair, Anthropology, August-December 2005, to complete final reports on NSF biocomplexity in the environment grant, complete edits on proposed conference volume on modeling socioecological systems, and work on proposals to NSF.
Erica Austin, professor, School of Communication, August 2005-May 2006, to examine implications of studies testing model of children’s use of media in decision making and to write up results for academic and general audiences.
Joey Reagan, professor, School of Communication, August 2005-May 2006, to write book on applied research methods for mass communicators.
Barbara Monroe, assistant professor, English, August 2005-May 2006, to study the indigenous rhetoric of Plateau Indians based on three primary sources: military transcripts of negotiations leading to Treaty of 1855, newspaper accounts of tribal council meetings of Yakama Nation, and secondary student writings from reservation schools.
Debbie Lee, associate professor, English, August 2005-May 2006, to explore the relationship between art, literature and charity in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain through the painter William Hogarth, the poet William Blake and the poor women and children of central London whose cases were recorded by the Foundling Hospital.
Peter Chilson, associate professor, English, August 2005-May 2006, to work on essay collection about landscape and conflict in Africa and the U.S.
Camille Roman, associate professor, English, August 2005-May 2006, to work on an American poetry anthology and an introductory poetry book at Brown University and Portland, Ore., and to present invited papers and lectures.
Desiree Hellegers, associate professor, English, August 2005-May 2006, to complete an oral history of homeless women and a stage play and to continue documenting development of progress groups and their work on labor, affordable housing, the environment and other social problems and issues.
Rachel Halverson, associate professor, Foreign Languages and Cultures, August-December 2005, to study current issues in German pedagogy including teacher-training techniques, contemporary cultural issues, innovative classroom methodologies, recently developed course materials and the foreign language assessment tool developed by the European Union.
Joan Grenier-Winther, associate professor, Foreign Languages and Cultures, January-May 2006, to consult manuscripts containing Middle French poems on merciful-merciless ladies and continue development of poetry editions.
Roger Schlesinger, professor and chair, History, August-December 2005, to complete an annotated translation of 13 biographies from Andre Thevet and the second edition of his book, “In the Wake of Columbus,” at the British Library.
Candace Goucher, professor, History, January-May 2006, to complete a 4-volume encyclopedia of women in world history, revise a book, and do field work for a project on the history of the Atlantic world, linking Ghana and Trinidad.
David Turnbull, associate professor, Music and Theatre Arts, August-December 2005, to write and print a college/university level trumpet textbook and an accompanying integrated method book that contains technical exercises and musical examples.
Edward Weber, associate professor, Political Science, and director, Thomas Foley Institute, January-May 2006, to complete the synthesis of existing literature on community collaboration on institutional design, make application for external support to test empirically the findings on institutional design, and complete editing the book, “Understanding the Connections between the Environment and Security at Multiple Levels of Analysis.”
David Nice, professor, Political Science, August 2005-May 2006, to study single- and multi-state efforts to upgrade passenger rail service.
Terrence Cook, professor, Political Science, August 2005-May 2006, to finish a monograph, two textbooks, remaining work on a new distance degree course and develop another book on approaches to conflict regulation.
David Brody, associate professor, Criminal Justice, August 2005-May 2006, to examine theoretically and quantitatively the relationship between social capital and aspects of the criminal justice system for presentation in a monograph for publication.
John Wright, professor, Psychology, January-May 2006, to learn brain microdialysis techniques, cholinergic assay techniques, write an RO1 grant application in the area of animal models of alcohol and nicotine addiction and prepare major review paper concerning the role of learning and memory in the areas of substance abuse and addiction.
Robert Patterson, associate professor, Psychology, August 2005-May 2006, to travel to Air Force Research Laboratory in Arizona to investigate whether features of background scene can minimize visual suppression that occurs when monocular head-mounted display is worn by pilots in high performance flight simulator.
Debbie Brudie, finance/budget manager, Psychology, August 2005-July 2006, to do research with Duwamish Tribe, Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs, Northwest Tribal Councils, WSU Plateau Center and WSU Tribal Liaison’s Office to include fund raising, cultural schooling, historical preservation, grantsmanship and planning to assist in achieving vision for building cultural center/institute at WSU.
Paul Strand, associate professor, Psychology, August-December 2005, to collaborate with Child and Family Research Unit at WSU Spokane on devising empirically-based framework for educational planning for educationally at-risk preschoolers and evaluating how such planning may be different for children from different ethnic groups and language backgrounds.

Trevor Bond, special collections librarian, Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections, September 2005-August 2006, to work at Bodleian Library in Oxford, cataloging rare chapbooks, bookplates and other printed ephemera from the John Johnson Collection so scholars around the globe may access the materials and complete article relating to project.
Nicole Campbell, reference and electronic resources coordinator, WSU Vancouver Library, January-June 2006, to analyze sample of university library websites and compare the results of accessibility assessment to those of a usability assessment.

College of Nursing
Ruth Bindler, associate professor, Nursing, August 2005-May 2006, to improve grant-writing skills and complete application for grant to federal or foundation funding source.
Renee Hoeksel, professor, Nursing, January-May 2006, to complete a Web-based course on research training, complete data analysis on current research project on pain management of elders in Intensive Care Unit settings, prepare abstracts for presentation and submit manuscript for publication.

College of Pharmacy
Margaret Black, associate professor, Pharmaceutical Science, July-December 2005, to generate enough preliminary data on new collaborative project to write NIH-RO1 or possibly a program project grant for research on hematopoietic disease treatments.

College of Sciences
Matthew Hudelson, associate professor, Mathematics, August 2005-May 2006, to collaborate with WSU chemistry team to determine mathematical models and algorithms to assist in screening potential compounds for efficacy and toxicity, focusing on binding effects on cytochrome P-450 enzymes.
Larry Hufford, associate professor, Biological Sciences, August 2005-May 2006, to explore plant evolution on the Colorado Plateau using comparative phylogeography with fieldwork on Colorado Plateau and other regions of American West and laboratory sampling of molecular marker variation at Mesa State College.
Kenneth Kardong, professor, Biological Sciences, August-December 2005, to work with specialists on macroevolutionary events in reptiles, avail self of specialized technologies, unique opportunities and develop international collaborations.
Peter Larson, professor and chair, Geology, January-May 2006, to measure the age of older hydrothermal alteration along the walls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River using laboratory facilities at the Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland.
Matthew McCluskey, associate professor, Physics, August 2005-May 2006, to perform optical studies of biological molecules at University of California, Santa Barbara, and develop a near infrared optical tomography system for brain imaging of sleep cycles in humans at WSU.
Michael Pope, assistant professor, Geology, August-December 2005, to gather and analyze preliminary detrital zircon data from Precambrian, Cambrian and Ordovician sandstones of the western U.S. for proposal to fund research of undergrad and grad students and self in next 2-5 years.
Anthony Watkinson, professor, Geology, January-May 2006, to research deeper theoretical understanding of earthquake dynamics, developing pioneering work on anisotropic behavior of geologic structures at University of Durham, England, and continuing with development of new theory at CSIRO in Perth, Australia.

College of Veterinary Medicine
Patrick Gavin, professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, July-December 2005, to author a textbook and journal articles on veterinary magnetic resonance imaging and organize two national veterinary MRI conferences.
Ahmed Tibary, associate professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, September 2005-January 2006, to study sperm physiology in camelid species as it relates to freezing, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, at the veterinary school of the Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire in Hassan, Morocco.

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