YWCA Week Without Violence at WSU

The YWCA of Washington State University will present the 9th Annual Week Without Violence, an international campaign to raise awareness about non-violent alternatives, Oct. 20-24.

The Week Without Violence focuses attention on practical, sustainable and non-violent alternatives in people’s daily lives.

The week will begin with a day of remembrance, followed by a full week of awareness programs that focus on protecting children, making schools safe, confronting violence against women, facing violence among men, eliminating racism and hate crimes, and replacing violence with sports, recreation and fun.

“It is far better to protest and demonstrate against the violence and

injustices in our world than to blindly go about acting as if they do not occur,” said Joscelyn Riley, coordinator of the week-long event. “Do

something to make a difference, don’t just talk about it!”

The Clothesline Project, a collection of more than 500 T-shirts painted by

or in honor of victims of violence, will be displayed on the Glenn Terrell Mall from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday (Oct. 20) through Friday (Oct. 24). A White Ribbon Campaign, sponsored by the Men Only group, will encourage people from the campus and Pullman communities to wear a white ribbon in

recognition of victims of violence. The Body of Violence project, which features outlines of bodies on the walkways around campus with

issue-related statistics, will personalize the problem of violence.

During the week, many departments and organizations will host seminars,

speaker series and poetry sessions to support the YWCA’s effort for sustaining a violence-free, bias-free community. The Department of Human

Relations and Diversity, with the Women’s Resource Center and the YWCA, will sponsor a two-day program with Allan Johnson, author of “Privilege, Power, and Difference.” The Coalition for Women Students will again sponsor

the “Take Back the Night” march on Thursday (Oct. 23).

For a complete calendar of events and to volunteer for the YWCA Week Without Violence Clothesline Project, contact Joscelyn Riley at (509) 335-3916 or e-mail at ywca@wsunix.wsu.edu.

The YWCA of the USA is the nation’s oldest and largest women’s membership movement. Operating out of thousands of locations in all 50 states, the

YWCA represents approximately 2 million women, girls and their families.

Its mission, to empower women and girls and to eliminate racism, is the guiding principle for all YWCA childcare, domestic violence, violence prevention, shelter, fitness and social justice programs.

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