Food & Agriculture

WSU Extension helps prevent food waste

Extension professionals are tackling the critical issue of food waste across the state in agriculture, households, and even at the landfill level through education and outreach.

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A group of Extension-trained gleaners reclaim bok choy.

Experiencing agriculture firsthand

Students are getting outside their labs and classrooms to tour wheat farms, fruit orchards, vegetable seed farms and USDA inspection facilities.

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Three WSU students stand in a field listening to a farmer who is holding a carrot flower.

Desire to improve food safety leads Afghan student to WSU

Barakatullah Mohammadi saw firsthand the effects of food borne illnesses growing up in Afghanistan. Now a WSU graduate student, he will receive a prestigious national food and agriculture research fellowship.

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Closeup of Barakatullah Mohammadi holding a test tube in a lab.