Summer is almost upon us, bringing with it the annual influx of seasonally hired non-student temporary employees (NSTE).  As a reminder, NSTEs hired by WSU on a recurring seasonal basis may be eligible for PEBB employer-paid benefits.

HRS is made aware of seasonal NSTE appointments two ways.

  • Via the TEMPS system:  Should an appointment be designated as “seasonal”, reflect a work period of 3-11 months, and be expected to average at least 20 hours per week, the NSTE will be offered benefits upon hire.
  • Via work pattern monitoring:  If an NSTE worked for WSU last year and has returned during the same or similar time frame to perform the same or similar work, they’ll be offered benefits at the beginning of their second season.

In the event a department knows they will be rehiring a NSTE this year who also worked for them last spring/summer, please notify HRS, and be sure to mark “seasonal” when setting up the appointment.

Information regarding NSTE benefits eligibility, how WSU views employees who may be students during a portion of the year, and helpful FAQs are available here.


  • Effective January 1, 2018, NSTEs earn one hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked. For more information, please refer to FAQs regarding I-1433.
  • Enter TEMPS appointments in a timely manner. WSU is required to notify employees of benefits eligibility immediately.

Notification and questions can be directed to Christy Bogar at (509)335-1759 or