Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management, was recently named one of the most prolific researchers worldwide in hospitality and tourism over the last 20 years.

A new study on scholarly research and influence in hospitality and tourism, published in the March 2021 issue of the International Journal of Contemporary Management, examined and ranked the most influential researchers in the field of hospitality and tourism from 2000-2019.

With more than 75 papers published in top-tier research journals, Gursoy’s research output places him in the group of top-10 millennium scholars.

The paper’s authors conducted analysis of 14,227 articles published in 12 top-tier hospitality and tourism journals during the first 20 years of the new millennium and looked at factors such as authorship, number of publications, journal type and collaboration style.

Gursoy says the recognition is confirmation that hard work, countless hours spent on research and creativity are not wasted.

“I could not become a top ten researcher in the field without the help of my mentors, current and former PhD students and research partners. I sincerely thank each one them for helping me become a better person and a better researcher,” he said.

Recent notable research contributions include studies on the acceptance of artificial intelligence within the hospitality industry and customers’ willingness to return to hotels and restaurants over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The accomplishments of professors like Dr. Gursoy are critical to the college’s strategy to be recognized by our aspirational peers as regular contributors of rigorous and influential research to academic disciplines,” said Deborah Compeau, associate dean for research in the Carson College of Business.

“His ongoing contributions help to make the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management one of the top five in the country,” adds Compeau.

“It is a great honor to be recognized as a top ten hospitality researcher in the world, and it is my sincere hope my research contributes to the knowledge development in my field and provides useful insights to other researchers, practitioners and policy makers,” said Gursoy.