The WSU community is commemorating the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder with reflection on the issues raised by the tragedy and the movement that saw renewed support and momentum as awareness spread nationwide.

The Tri-Cities campus is hosting Commemorating George Floyd, a time for reflection, connection and healing.

The Vancouver campus is hosting “George Floyd One Year Later: Reflection. Accountability. Change Agency.”

Additionally, the University is recognizing changes that have been made as a result of the issues of bias and racism within America’s criminal justice system spotlighted by the George Floyd case and the long string of other instances of police violence within communities of color.

WSU’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, for example, has overhauled its curriculum to put awareness of problems with systemic racial bias, fairness and equity at the forefront of everything students study, learn and research. The changes were profiled in a May 20 feature published by WSU Insider.