When Workday for HR and Payroll launches on Dec. 16, all WSU employees will be required to use the new system to view their pay slips, track time worked (overtime eligible employees only), request and track their time off, manage their personal information, and more.

Here’s how to find and start using Workday:

  • Go to Workday by visiting workday.wsu.edu

    • Workday is completely browser-based.
    • We recommend saving a shortcut to Workday on your desktop, or as a bookmark, for easy access.
    • Any actions performed in the system are official business transactions. Do not use Workday to perform transactions for the purpose of training or exploring.
  • Log in to Workday using your regular WSU Network I.D. (NID) and password.

    • You do not need to establish new login credentials for Workday.
    • Workday requires the use of single sign-on (SSO), via Okta.
    • Do not use any Test Okta credentials you may have established for training or testing.
    • If you need help with your WSU NID or credentials, contact the Crimson Service Desk.
  • Review Workday Launch Checklist #1 and perform actions applicable to you.

Find out more about Workday and Modernization, including more information about launch and training, by visiting our website at modernization.wsu.edu.