In a letter to WSU’s international students, Vice President for International Programs and retired U.S. Ambassador Asif Chaudhry pledged that the university will not stop working to do what’s right for its international community.

“It may seem that recent federal government decisions from Immigration and Customs Enforcement mean that the U.S. does not welcome its international students. I want to assure you that this is absolutely not true where we live,” Chaudhry wrote in a message posted Thursday to the International Programs website. “At WSU, we highly value our international community.”

His comments come after federal authorities rescinded plans to require international students studying in the United States on F-1 visas to return home if their classes are being delivered exclusively online in the fall. Numerous universities, including WSU, had opposed the change and pushed for it to be rescinded.

“We will not stop working to do what is right for our international community,” Chaudhry told students. “Thank you for the contributions you make to WSU and the United States.”

The full message can be read online at the International Programs website.