The Washington State University Provost’s Office and WSU Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) are announcing the launch of the Distance Delivery Mastery Certificate.

The certificate program is designed to help WSU faculty further enhance and document their skills and success in the distance delivery environment.

“WSU faculty have done an outstanding job of gearing up quickly to deliver excellent distance learning courses for our students,” said Dave Cillay, WSU’s vice president of Academic Outreach and Innovation. “The Distance Delivery Mastery Certificate is a great opportunity to build upon those skills and experiences.”

Through workshops, a series of self-reflection prompts, and the support of AOI, faculty members will gain the knowledge and skills they need to successfully adapt their teaching style to the distance delivery environment.

The certificate’s learning outcomes fall into three main areas related to teaching from a distance—strategies and best practices, community building and connection, and assessing student learning.

“Earning this certificate will allow faculty to build confidence and comfort in the distance delivery environment, thereby enriching teaching, promoting student success, and documenting professional development,” said Cillay. “The effort our world-class WSU faculty members have put into serving their students is inspiring, and we’re excited to help them continue to do an outstanding job.”

For more information, visit the AOI Learning Innovation’s Distance Deliver Mastery Certificate page.