The WSU Insider push email is resuming daily distribution, Monday–Friday.

The email, which spotlighted some of the fresh posts to the Insider each weekday, was put on a reduced schedule following a shift in WSU’s communication priorities to support informational needs surrounding the university’s aggressive response to the COVID‑19 public health emergency.

That effort remains a top priority but at this point has reached a level where the News and other marketing and communication units throughout the WSU system are able to again be focusing on other needs as well.

Much of the communication about the university’s response to COVID‑19 is being posted to the regularly updated COVID‑19 website or used in other dedicated communication formats.

The news unit will continue to send out an email with the latest communications and updates posted to the COVID‑19 website on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

Submissions to the Announcements section and the WSU Events calendar will continue to be posted and updated daily.