MONTESANO, Wash. – WSU Extension Forestry is offering an all-day workshop called Ties to the Land that focuses on ways to maintain family ties to the land from generation to generation. The workshop will build awareness of key challenges facing family businesses and motivate families to address those challenges.

The workshop will be held March 27 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Montesano City Hall in Montesano, Wash.

Succession planning is the human side of estate planning and is a way for families to maintain their ties to the land across multiple generations. It helps build awareness of the key challenges facing family businesses.

The workshop is a facilitated and interactive, with DVD-based components that provide effective tools families can use to decide the future of their land. Workshop participants learn about the legal and economic aspects of transferring a farm, forest, or ranch from one generation to the next. Working as a family, you will receive information about legal and economic aspects of transferring forest lands from one generation to the next.

This workshop is a mix of presentations and practical exercises to help families develop techniques needed to address tough issues.

Registration is $45 per household. To learn more about the course and how to register, go to

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