The Office of the Provost is offering Affordable Learning Grants to fund faculty exploration and adoption of affordable learning materials. Grants ranging from $1,500 to $4,500 are available for faculty at all levels and all WSU locations.

Faculty adoption of affordable learning materials or open educational resources (OER) – many of them free, or low-cost online textbooks – has saved WSU students well over $1 million over the past four years.

Affordable Learning Grants help to offset the time and costs associated with making the transition from traditional textbooks to open educational resources.

The Affordable Learning Grant application is due March 23, 2020.

The Office of Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) and WSU Libraries will provide support to instructors who wish to replace costly commercial textbooks with high-quality, no-cost digital educational resources. Staff is available to assist in locating, adapting, or creating digital resources or a digital textbook and to help identify tools and resources that support student engagement with the material.

The development of OER is consistent with WSU’s goals of offering opportunity and access to students, and the University’s commitment to providing them a transformational college experience.

Visit WSU’s OER website, or email to for more information.