Students, faculty and staff can prepare now for next month’s network security changes by choosing their Multi‑Factor Authentication (MFA) settings before the Dec. 19 myWSU implementation.

Many already have. It’s fairly easy and Information Technology Services has this step‑by‑step explainer.

When setting up MFA, which is designed to increase network security by making it harder to steal passwords, users should choose more than one verification option. This will ensure better access to WSU business applications in the event a selected authentication device is lost or unavailable.

When users visit, the following five configurable MFA options are available under Extra Verification. ITS encourages users to select at least two of the listed MFA options; one method is required, the others serve as a backup should a person lose or not have access to a registered device during non‑business hours when support staff are not available.

  • Okta Verify Mobile App—two options include either a code that changes every 60 seconds, or a push method, to approve authentication
  • Google Authenticator Mobile App—a new code generates every 60 seconds
  • SMS (text message)—a texted code will be sent to the user’s selected mobile device
  • Voice Call—an automated message providing a 5‑digit code will be delivered to the user’s selected mobile device or desktop phone
  • U2F Security Key—this device, similar to a flash drive, inserts into USB drive

If you are not sure which of the above methods to select, please visit with your department’s IT support team.

Implementation Schedule

  • MyWSU will be the first WSU application protected by MFA, beginning Dec. 19, 2019.
  • Other WSU applications already using the new SSO system will have the opportunity to add MFA beginning in spring, 2020.
  • Workday, the new business system for managing WSU finance, human resources, payroll, and grants management, will also utilize MFA immediately upon launch in July, 2020.

Set Up Your MFA Preferences Now