New network security measures coming in December will change how employees and students access WSU business applications.

With the first phase of WSU’s Single Sign On (SSO) system completed last May, Information Technology Services is preparing for the Dec. 19 implementation of Multi‑Factor Authentication (MFA) for myWSU.

Weak or stolen user credentials are often today’s cyber weapon of choice. With 81 percent of data breaches originating from lost or stolen passwords, WSU’s Multi‑Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security for users signing in to certain business applications. This simple process is becoming widely adopted as a best practice across higher education and other industries.

WSU users will have five options for MFA, ranging from mobile apps to a USB key, that provide the necessary code to gain final application access. The simple process includes entering network ID and password, and then using a preferred MFA option to confirm identity. The entire process typically requires no more than 60 seconds from start to finish. Multi‑factor authentication renewal will be required again every 24 hours.

ITS requests users select at least two of the following five MFA options; one is required, and a second one serves as a backup resource. Please visit with your department’s IT support team to determine the best choices for you within your group.

  • Okta Verify Mobile App – two options include either a code that changes every 60 seconds, or a push method, to approve authentication
  • Google Authenticator Mobile App – a new code generates every 60 seconds
  • SMS – a texted code will be sent to the user’s selected mobile device
  • Voice call – an automated message providing a 5‑digit code will be delivered to the user’s selected mobile device or desktop phone
  • U2F Security Key – this device, similar to a flash drive, inserts into USB drive

Implementation Schedule

  • MyWSU will be the first WSU application protected by MFA, beginning Dec. 19, 2019.
  • Other WSU applications already using the new SSO system will have the opportunity to add MFA beginning in spring, 2020.
  • Workday, the new business system for managing WSU finance, human resources, payroll, and grants management, will also utilize MFA immediately upon launch in July, 2020.

Set Up Your MFA Preferences Now

Please direct all questions or support needs to your local IT support, or to general ITS support via email at