Washington State University Common Reading Program Director Karen Weathermon announces that requests are being accepted online for exam copies of the next common book, Refuge: Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World.

Faculty who are considering using the book in classes for first-year and other students can request a copy online. The context of potential use of the book must be described.

Refuge was selected in spring by Provost and Executive Vice President Daniel J. Bernardo from a short list submitted to him by the Common Reading Selection Committee, said Weathermon.

The book, published in 2017, is by two Oxford University professors, Alexander Betts, a political scientist, and Paul Collier, a development economist. Topics cover global, pressing, and timely issues surrounding forced migration, refugees, and asylum-seekers world-wide.

“I hope that, in the tradition of the WSU Common Reading Program, this book is an opportunity for a broad and thoughtful year-long conversation about the root causes and impacts of forced migration through many different disciplinary lenses,” Weathermon said.

In addition, she called on faculty from all disciplines to consider delivering an expert lecture in fall or spring semester, as part of the robust programming offered to students. Guest lectures, film showings, and innovative activities complement academic discussions between faculty and students on topics raised by the shared book.

Through these experiences, Weathermon said, common readings introduce students to the power and diversity of ideas, the value of research, and the various but interconnected ways in which disciplines across the university approach similar, complex problems.

Books selected as common readings also align with designated two-year themes. Refugeis the first under the theme of “global stability, scarcity, and security.”

This is the thirteenth year of the Common Reading programat WSU, and Refuge is the thirteenth book. Visit the websitefor more information and a calendar that will list important events.