Earlier this year, we gave you an update on some of the ways Academic Outreach and Innovation uses technology and innovation to improve the learning experience for WSU students. We are back again with additional updates to keep you informed on some of the impactful work the AOI team has been doing to enhance WSU’s ability to complete its core missions.

But first, here’s a quick refresher on what AOI is and what we do:

AOI is the division of the university that champions and supports the use of academic technology in a variety of teaching and learning contexts — traditional classrooms, online courses and video conferencing courses. AOI is the home of Global CampusLearning InnovationsLearn365Professional Education, and a wide variety of other enterprising programs and initiatives.

With that, here are a few more AOI highlights:

High‑Profile Video Streaming Events

Helping people participate in WSU events remotely is another service AOI provides. Since our last update, the AOI media team has delivered several high‑profile video streaming events, including Mike Leach and Mike Baumgartner’s “Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategies” livestreamed seminar that received national attention this spring, the State of the University Address and the recent Land Grant Symposium. AOI also provided video conferencing services to aid in the recent candidate searches to fill WSU’s open provost position.

Non‑Credit Professional Education

Non‑credit courses are vital to the continuing professional development of people in a variety of fields, and the AOI Professional Education team helps to serve this need in a variety of ways, such as offering non‑credit certificate programs, 100 percent online. Working in partnership with subject matter experts from various WSU academic departments, we create dynamic courses in a wide variety of subjects, including leadership, senior living, culinary arts, the wine‑making industry, gardening and more. At the end of each program, students earn a certification to add to their resumes.

Non‑credit options provide students with an excellent opportunity to gain professional skills and strengthen their resumes without having to undergo the normal academic admissions process. Revenue from these courses also goes back to the academic departments that helped create them, increasing their ability to provide quality education to students.

Global Campus Outstanding Seniors

Lastly, we’re proud to announce that Global Campus, in conjunction with academic departments, has selected six online students to be recognized as Outstanding Seniors for the 2018–19 academic year. These exceptional students are being honored based upon their remarkable academic achievements and commendable service to the university and/or their communities.

2018–19 Global Campus Outstanding Seniors: Alexis Warner, humanities, Joanna Aceret, human development, Nathan Kruse, social sciences, Nichole Guerpo, history, Stacey Ahuja, psychology, and Stacie Seely, criminal justice.

Congratulations on a job well done to all our Outstanding Seniors!

To find out more about the unique academic journeys and future goals of these remarkable students, visit the Outstanding Seniors page on our Global Campus website.

For the next academic year, Global Campus plans on extending the award to include all undergraduate majors available 100 percent online.