By Jacqueline Southwick, Information Technology Services

CougTech and Enterprise Systems, WSU’s two long‑standing help desks, will be combined by Information Technology Services on Monday, Jan. 28, to form a unified systemwide service titled Crimson Service Desk.

This new resource not only pools the two support teams for quicker response to customer support requests, it also provides a self‑service portal complete with a library of topics to provide immediate answers both during and after business hours.

If a needed solution can’t be found via the library, the CSD online portal provides the ability to submit a ticket for assistance and track all submitted requests.

According to Michael Corwin, associate vice president of Information Technology Services, the Crimson Service Desk is another ITS solution supporting student success through advanced technology and accessible resources. Staff and faculty also enjoy the benefit of a larger, unified support team ready to assist with urgent business needs.

WSU offices offering documentation and/or websites that reference CougTech as a student resource should update their sites to point visitors to the new Crimson Service Desk at WSU employees also are encouraged to visit the site and see all it offers.

The former CougTech walk‑in location, at CUE 302 on the Pullman campus, is still open for business 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday, and customers are welcome to call 509‑335‑4357 to speak to one of the CSD team members.

Please direct any questions to Jacqueline Southwick, ITS Communication Coordinator, at 509‑335‑1192,