Faculty, staff and graduate students throughout the WSU system will see a slight increase in their Jan. 25 paychecks.

Pay rates for faculty, administrative professionals and graduate assistants increased 1 percent beginning Jan. 1. Classified staff saw a 2 percent increase. Senior administrators were excluded.

Because the Jan. 10 payday reflects earnings from the second half of December, the raises will first show up in the Jan. 25 paychecks.

More information about the across‑the‑board raises can be found on the WSU Budget Office’s website.

The Washington Legislature originally approved funding for this year’s pay raise on June 30, 2017, as part of its 2017‑2019 biennial operating budget. The raises took effect Jan. 1 but will be reflected in the Jan. 25 paychecks.

WSU has requested state lawmakers allocate enough for two 4 percent wage increases for faculty, staff and graduate students in the 2019‑2021 budget. The Legislature will consider the proposal during its upcoming regular session, which begins Jan. 14.