Leroy “Lee” Hood, co‑founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, a nonprofit research organization in Seattle, will give a presentation titled “Systems Medicine, Personalized Health Care and Community Health,” 3:30‑4:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5, at WSU Spokane, Academic Center Room 20.

The presentation is open to the public.

Prior to founding the Institute for Systems Biology in 2000, Hood was a professor at Caltech and University of Washington. His inventions in the 1980s and 1990s revolutionized molecular biology, enabled the emergence and growth of biotechnology industry, and enabled the Human Genome Project. His discoveries led to the:

  • First gas phase protein sequencer
  • DNA synthesizer
  • Automated peptide synthesizer
  • Automated DNA sequencer
  • Ink‑jet oligonucleotide technology for synthesizing DNA
  • Nanostring technology for analyzing single molecules of DNA and RNA

In 2015, Scientific American counted him among the 10 most influential people in the field of biotechnology.