By Sue McMurray, Carson College of Business

The Washington State University Carson College of Business has been ranked in the top 15 best schools in the nation for undergraduate international business education, as recently noted by U.S. News & World Report.

The WSU undergraduate international business program ranked 15th overall and was 6th among public national universities. This continues a tradition of excellence in international business of more than 25 years.

“Our international business major and our opportunities to study abroad are key features of the Carson College of Business. These programs provide great learning opportunities for students, especially for so many of our students who come to us without global experiences,” said Chip Hunter, college dean. “Being recognized by other schools of business as one of the top programs in this area contributes to our progress toward establishing the Carson College as the first choice for students seeking an undergraduate business education in the Pacific Northwest.

The college’s undergraduate international business program focuses on the markets, people and places involved in trade, commerce and exchanges throughout the world. Students in this field develop an awareness of international business through participation in study abroad and by completing the college’s global learning requirement. The college leads WSU in the number of students studying abroad each year and offered undergraduate faculty-led programs in 12 countries in 2018, including:

  • Chile
  • China
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy/France
  • Korea
  • Spain
  • Switzerland/Prague
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand

“Studying abroad exposes students to diversity of thought and develops their respect for different cultures’ traditions and ways of conducting business,” said Jessica Cassleman, college assistant dean of international programs. “Students also get a deeper understanding of world issues, a highly desirable skill in global enterprises. The benefits students gain from studying abroad cannot be overstated—international experiences set them apart when they launch their careers.”

The U.S. News top 15 rankings for undergraduate international business programs included (the numbers jump when there are multiple colleges in a single ranking):

  • 1st: University of South Carolina
  • 2nd: New York University
  • 3rd: Georgetown University
  • 4th: University of California-Berkeley
  • 5th: University of Pennsylvania
  • 6th: Florida International University, George Washington University
  • 8th: Fordham University, Northeastern University, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • 11th: Saint Louis University
  • 12th: University of Southern California
  • 13th: San Diego State University
  • 14th: American University
  • 15th: WSU, Temple University, Arizona State University-Tempe.



  • Jessica Cassleman, assistant dean of international programs, WSU Carson College of Business, 509-335-1246,
  • Sue McMurray, assistant director of communications, WSU Carson College of Business communications, 509-335-7578,