The Harriet B. Rigas Award (for PhD candidates) and AFW Founders’ Award (for Master’s students)

The Association for Faculty Women’s Outstanding Graduate Student Awards recognize the academic achievements and professional potential of WSU’s graduate students completing their degrees in Fall 2016, or Spring or Summer 2017.

The Harriet B. Rigas Award is presented to an outstanding doctoral student. The AFW Founders’ Award is presented to an outstanding Master’s student. Both full-­‐ and part-­‐time students are eligible. Professional and non-­‐thesis Master’s degree students are not eligible for these awards.

Graduate School’s Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award (for doctoral candidates)

The Graduate School is committed to providing scholarships and fellowships for outstanding graduate students admitted to its academic programs. The scholarships and fellowships provide a valuable structure of financial support to ensure students can enjoy the benefits of a superior academic experience.

The Karen P. DePauw leadership Award is open to all doctoral students in good standing who have successfully passed their preliminary examination and have at least a 3.5 graduate GPA. Students must be enrolled either full-­‐ or part-­‐time to be eligible for the award. Students cannot receive this award more than once. Priority will be given to applicants with demonstrated leadership components in their research, training, or service contributions.

Nomination and Application

You may nominate an eligible student for only one of these awards. To nominate, please go to the Association for Faculty Women Awards page ( and complete and submit the Nominator Form.

The deadline for receipt of the complete application is Monday, February 27, 2017. There is no deadline for your nomination, but please let the nominee know as early in the process as possible so adequate time is available to collect application materials before the deadline.

The completed Nominator Form can be submitted to Diane Scott ( Please forward this Call for Nominations to the nominee so she or he can follow the link to the Awards page and complete the application. Indicate which award you are nominating the nominee for.

Awardees will be notified in March, and will receive their award at a special recognition ceremony in early April.

Please direct any questions to Kathleen Rodgers ( or Patricia Glazebrook