Reviews are an important part of the administration of each area, and are required in the BPPM 60.55.

For administrative professional

Administrative professional personnel are evaluated annually on a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) or an academic year basis, as determined by the senior executive for the area and in accordance with guidance in the Administrative Professional Handbook.

For civil service

Supervisors must provide feedback and formally evaluate the performance of:

  • probationary employees or permanent employees serving trial service or transition review periods before they attain permanent status in their positions
  • permanent employees at least once annually before each employee’s scheduled Periodic Increment Date (PID). See WAC 357-28-050 and -056 for information about the PID.

Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, please refer to the applicable agreements for information regarding performance evaluations.

For faculty

Faculty are reviewed annually in accordance with policies and regulations in the Faculty Manual.

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