Tenure-track faculty are being asked to participate in a Web-based survey regarding job satisfaction that will end June 2.. 

WSU intends to use the data to improve its policies, procedures and climate. But that effort will be successful only if the data are broadly representative, and broad representation will be achieved only if most faculty participate.

The link to the online survey was e-mailed earlier to individual faculty. This week, those who have not responded will receive e-mail reminders.

The survey is part of a national program called COACHE – the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education – based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. WSU’s participation is funded by a National Science Foundation grant. 

Faculty are asked for their views on specific institutional policies, including the tenure and promotion process, and job satisfaction is compared to faculty at peer institutions.

The survey is easy to complete and takes about 20 minutes. It is confidential; respondents’ privacy will be maintained in published and written data, and identities will be protected in any information shared within the university.

For questions about the survey, visit the project website at www.coache.org or contact COACHE at coache@gse.harvard.edu. Fran McSweeney, vice provost for Faculty Affairs, is coordinating WSU’s participation. Contact her at fkmcs@wsu.edu or 335-5581.