PULLMAN — A new service, myWSU Shared Info, makes it possible for students to authorize a parent or other third party to access their official WSU records, including account balances, class schedule, financial aid, scholarships, grades and more.

Authorized parents sign in to the web-based service with their own user ID, either a WSU Friend ID or Network ID.  Students may sponsor a new Friend ID and authorize access in one easy process, which notifies the parent via e-mail.

Students designate which information to share. Access is read-only and may be modified or removed at any time.

Since the launch in early August, students have granted access to more than 1,200 parents and other third parties.

Richard Backes, senior associate registrar, said the new system has been eagerly anticipated.

“Many students thought they were obligated to share their own Network ID and password with their parents, who are paying the bills,” he said. “That practice was never encouraged, and now should not even be considered.”

The service provides a welcome alternative to the records release procedure, which requires students to sign separate forms for the release of academic or financial information, Backes said.

The system, developed by Information Technology Services and WSU partners, is in compliance with WSU, state and federal privacy regulations.

The new service may be accessed ONLINE @ http://wsu.edu/sharedinfo. WSU students also may access it from the myWSU portal ONLINE @ http://my.WSU.edu.