A virtual College of Sustainability and the Environment (CSE) is planned at WSU to enhance the university’s outreach by taking its research and teaching expertise to the world.
“It will not be necessary for all members of the faculty to be ‘housed’ at WSU,” said President Elson S. Floyd. “But we will build on the expertise and experience of scholars, researchers and colleagues from around the world through affiliate relationships.”
“WSU has tremendous presence for the state beyond our borders — in providing online education, collaborating in cutting-edge research, and helping bring ideas to market” said John Gardner, vice president for economic development and extension. “The state of Washington and the region are primed for this expansion.”
“While a different model within the academy, I believe it bodes well for the future and how research will and must be conducted,” Floyd said.
The first phase of planning for the college will build a robust, thorough overview of its scope.
“This college will encompass many facets of WSU, and we need input from all these sectors,” said Howard Grimes, vice president for research and dean of the graduate school. Phase 1 will include participation from all WSU campuses, at least seven colleges, 37 departments and specialized centers and facilities.
A small working group will build the CSE overview. The group will include research faculty, private and government partners and people engaged in WSU outreach.
Phase 2 will introduce the overview to senior WSU leadership and the Faculty Senate for comment and refinement. If deemed feasible, the plan will enter Phase 3, which will involve founding and implementation of the CSE.

Members sought for overview team
Nominations for the Phase I working group are being accepted. Please submit them to Joe Merrill (joem@wsu.edu) or Alexis Tabor (alexistabor@wsu.edu) by April 10.