RICHLAND – The “Find a Freshman” referral program, plus 20 new scholarships and laptops donated by Lockheed Martin Information Technology, will help WSU Tri-Cities maintain the momentum and enthusiasm built with this year’s historic first freshman class.
Referral Program
Community members, WSU alumni, and WSU Tri-Cities students are eligible for the “Find a Freshman” promotion to refer a high school senior to WSU Tri-Cities.
If your referral applies online for admission in fall 2008, you’ll get an exclusive WSU Tri-Cities  sweatshirt. Fill out the referral form at to make sure you qualify. The promotion ends May 31.
High-achieving high school students who enroll at WSU Tri-Cities as a full-time freshman for the 2008-2009 academic year may qualify for a new $1,000 scholarship.
The 20 recipients of this special freshman admissions award will be selected based on academic achievement. Selection will take place by June 30 based on admitted students to date.
WSU Tri-Cities still is accepting applications for freshmen and transfer students for fall 2008.Prospective students will find the application online at, click on “apply” — and be sure to check the box for the Tri-Cities campus.
Once again, Lockheed Martin is generously offering reconditioned laptops for the freshman class as part of the WSU Tri-Cities recruitment package. General Manager Frank Armijo renewed last week the donation for each incoming full-time freshman in fall 2008.