PULLMAN  – The Museum of Art at WSU will exhibit “Sherry Markovitz: Shimmer; Paintings and Sculptures, 1979-2006,” Feb. 22 – Apr. 12.
This retrospective exhibition and accompanying publication, curated by the Museum of Art staff, will be the first career-survey exhibition and trade book devoted to Sherry Markovitz’s beaded assemblages, drawings and paintings.
Museum of Art/WSU Director, Chris Bruce said, “Markovitz is best known for her seductive, obsessively-beaded animal heads, and her ostensible ‘craft’ forms that often obscure deeper psychological exploration that comes through in her recent doll figures.”
Museum of Art Associate Director, Anna-Maria Shannon said the response to the exhibit from other museums in the Pacific Northwest is a testament to the museum’s ability to extend its reach outside the confines of the Palouse and to continue participating in the national art dialogue.
The 100-page book includes an in-depth interview with the artist by Shannon and Museum of Art Curator, Keith Wells. It also includes an interpretive essay by independent curator, Josine Ianco-Starrels and a comprehensive essay on Markovitz’s career development by Bruce.
Markovitz said her interest in beadwork came from a desire to confront the stereotypes of “women’s work” and celebrate the many traditions of beading in cultures all over the world.
Born in America in 1947, she received her MFA from the University of
Washington in Seattle in printmaking. Her work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Seattle Art Museum, the American Craft Museum in New York, and the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, N.C.
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