As of the new year, there is an easier and faster way to report workplace injuries and illnesses via an online form. The completed form will be routed electronically to Human Resource Services (HRS), Environmental Health & Safety, and the employee’s supervisor.

The revised Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (SPPM Section 25.20) on accident reporting describes how to report incidents using the new online system.

HRS will provide training about the system on request. To schedule a training session, contact Jamilee Gecas at 335-1760 or

If you have any questions, please contact Gecas or Ed Havey, Environmental Health & Safety, 335-5311 or

Cash out sick leave until Jan. 25
Each January, eligible civil service and administrative/professional employees with accrued sick leave balances over 480 hours may exchange sick leave for cash. The processing deadline is Jan. 25.

Teaching and research faculty are not eligible. Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to the appropriate agreement for eligibility information.

Hours earned in 2007, minus hours used that year, may be converted — but not below a balance of 480 hours.  Cash is exchanged at the rate of 25 percent, based on the employee’s salary.

For more information, contact HRS at 335-4521 or Payroll Services at 335-9575

Mileage reimbursement increases
WSU’s mileage reimbursement rate has increased from 48.5 cents per mile to 50.5 cents per mile as of Jan. 1.  Please contact Travel Services with any questions at 335-2034.