WSU’s increased participation in the Combined Fund Drive paid off.
Of all colleges and universities in the state, WSU had the second highest level of employee participation and dollars donated. Only the University of Washington did more, said John Cory, CFD coordinator at WSU.
WSU’s CFD, which officially ended on Nov. 30, raised more money than in years past and had more contributors, Cory said.
“We’re up more than 12,000 from last year,” Cory said. “We are at $173,273 in total pledges.”
Last year, $160,647 was raised.
With the increase in funds came an increase in donors; however, participation levels are still relatively low, Cory said.
“We are happy to see that the contribution amount is the highest it has been in at least 11 years, and we hope that this will signal a positive change.
“But we remain cautious because the number of participants still remains low.”
 “While the amount is nice, we really wanted the participation to be higher,” said Laura Lahne, CFD coordinator.
This year, 769 WSU employees contributed to the CFD, compared to 730 last year.
“This rate is higher than last year,” Cory said, “but it still remains lower than any of the 10 previous years between 1996 and 2005, the highest being 893 participants in 1997.
Department challenge
This year the CFD coordinators focused on increasing the number of participants. One event that was created to help with this was a competition between departments.
Michael Tate, vice president for student affairs, equity and diversity, offered a prize to the department that was closest to 100 percent participation. The departmental winner will be announced Jan. 18. The department will be notified via e-mail and a WSU announcement will be sent out.
“If some department has 100 percent participation, they deserve a really big pat on the back,” Lahne said.
Although this year’s CFD is over, it is never too late to give. Funds can be donated at any time, Lahne said. For more information, visit ONLINE @